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” Our furnace had some mysterious behavior for years. Of the many repair companies and repairmen who came out, Chris was the only person who was able to fix it and he did so quickly and at surprisingly reasonable cost.

The unit would basically burn out ignitors about one every 6 months. And it would also get into a funk where everything seemed to be fine but the gas valve never opened and after cycling through the ignition sequence several times it would go into lockout.

I’d had guys say that it just needed to be cleaned and charge me money for cleaning it. No effect. I’d had other guys say they needed to take it all apart and test everything and clean everything again cause maybe the first guy missed something. No effect. I’d had guys say that it was a bad gas valve or something. No effect. Over 3 years we probably spent a thousand dollars having guys come out and replace the ignitor and pitch us on various time consuming testing and cleaning operations. These other guys would say it also *might* be the main circuit board, but that would be really expensive to replace, both on parts and labor, and that might not even be the problem.

Anyway, Chris heard all this, spent some time looking at the unit and said that although it was very unusual, he thought that the circuit board had in fact gone bad. However, since he’s an official distributor for that furnace company he offered to just call them up and describe the strange behavior to them and see if they’d send out a replacement unit at no cost. He did, and they did and it was awesome. And there at that point when there was a perfect opportunity to gouge us on labor or something, or sell us on some zany yearly maintenance and cleaning contract, he didn’t.
Instead when the new board came in he popped right back, installed it extremely quickly.

…in the 8 months since, our formerly nightmarish furnace has worked perfectly! I couldn’t be happier with the service. “

Nick M, Oakland
” I called Chris on a Saturday to come out to look at our non-working furnace. He showed up promptly, got it working, and answered all my questions. He is very friendly, efficient and reasonably priced. I’ll be calling him back next time I need furnace work. Thanks! “
Sue J, Oakland
” Quality, quality, quality! Chris and his crew provided excellent customer service and superior quality workmanship. After we bought our 1941 San Leandro home late last year, we had a lot of work done on it. It was clear which contractors cared about their work (and our home) and which didn’t. Chris clearly cared.

This was recently reinforced when we had a whole house energy audit done. The auditor said the furnace installation was one of the best he had ever seen.

Chris really takes the time to explain the options. He recommended a heating system that fit our needs, and we couldn’t be happier with it. It works beautifully. Chris has such an eye for detail. He even positioned the furnace for easy access and installed a light and switch near the furnace access door.

We will definitely call on Chris for our future HVAC needs! “

Chad R, San Leandro
” Chris has been a valuable asset to the school I work at for a few years now. He has upgraded 4 different systems for us and provides follow ups to keep the filters free and clear and the equipment running at maximum potential at all times. He is personable and diligent and I recommend him highly. I had worked with other company’s before coming across Chris and they had all provided “band-aid” solutions, whereas Chris solves the problems by advising the most cost effective and practical solutions. “
Paul O, Oakland
” Chris came out the same day we called him for an estimate. He checked our 20 yr old furnace which suddenly decided it had seen better days. He gave us his estimate which was very reasonable, and we decided to go ahead with the work replacing the unit. Two days later the new system was installed. Chris did a very thorough and clean job in less than a day (left our garage floor cleaner than it was). We were very pleased with his work and enjoyed his funny sense of humor. Chris is a good guy and does great work. We highly recommend Chris and will be referring him to our friends and neighbors. “
Carol C, Union City
” Chris installed my heating system in 2004. I have been completely satisfied with his work and the maintenance that he has provided over the past 10 years. His work is thorough, he is prompt, and explains what he is doing and why. He is always available to answer any additional questions. I look forward to seeing him when maintenance time rolls around.”
Kewanna K, Oakland