Your heating system or furnace will eventually get too old or become too expensive to run. A new system installation might make the most sense at that point. Chris Levering HVAC has been doing furnace installation in the Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. Our promise is expert, fast, affordable heating system installation for residential and commercial customers in our service area. If you’ve already researched the products on your own and just need professional installation Chris Levering HVAC can finish the job perfectly. Don’t know where to start? Then we happily provide a free consultation to educate you about all the furnace installation options that make the most sense for your home or building.

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For heating/ furnace installation call Chris Levering at 510-352-1018 or
You can trust the highly trained and experienced professionals at Chris Levering HVAC to do your furnace installation perfectly. Our prices are reasonable and affordable and our work is clean and fast.

Please contact us to set up an appointment. We’ve been installing and designing furnaces and whole-house systems for years, always recommending the brands that we believe are the best on the market.

Because we are factory-trained that means we keep ourselves up to date on the latest technology in the industry. We recommend and show our clients the most current equipment that is hightly efficient and above industry standard. When you are ready to proceed with furnace installation we offer a wide range of systems that you know will be reliable, economical to run, and warm of course! There are systems ranging from 80% to 95% or greater AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings, which means they can really lower your utility bills. A new furnace installation can really save you money in the long run and improve your comfort for years to come.
With energy costs going up every year anyway, you don’t need an old system that costs too much to run. Contact us for more information and pricing on furnace installation, and please browse our furnace replacement page to familiarize yourself with our products.
The experts at Chris Levering HVAC will take care of new furnace installation ASAP.